Kelmsgarth Press is a new publishing project, but its name refers back to two distinguished predecessors: William Morris’s Kelmscott Press (1891-98) and Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press (1917-38).

We intend the portmanteau name ‘Kelmsgarth’ to signal our allegiances both to Morris’s utopianism and socialism, and to modernist artistic experimentalism, one version of which Virginia Woolf practised. These Morris and Woolf connections indicate not just the thematic but also the chronological range of our own interests, from, say, 1880 to 1940, though the utopian strand of our concerns may on occasion reach beyond these dates to the present (and even to the far future!). We will be looking for new forms and modes of literary-critical writing, as well as new content, so it is highly appropriate that our first title should be a ‘blog book’ devoted to William Morris and utopia.

Kelmsgarth titles will be available through internet purchase, at certain selected English bookshops, and at academic conferences in the above areas. We recommend Paypal purchase through this website as the most convenient and reliable way to buy our books.

We dedicate the Kelmsgarth project to the memory of my Uncle, Henry Smith Pinkney (1919-2009); for it is he who has made this venture possible.

Tony Pinkney and Makiko Minow, 1 August 2011

Contact: t.pinkney@lancaster.ac.uk